Who we are

How it all started

In 1990 Dr. Abdul Qader Samara and his partner and wife Khalwa masoud, started their Food and beverage  testing laboratory in Amman-Jordan,  being the first private laboratory  in Jordan, that deals with this important and growing sector.

Trying to spread the awareness, regarding the food safety and hygiene, and how it can impact the production, and the economy.

Environmental laboratory, offered the local market huge support, from day one,  sharing the experience, and science to the manufacturers, to avoid any mistakes, with continuous effort, and dedication.

We made sure to use the latest, methods, high quality materials and equipment,  we never stopped searching and education ourselves, to serve you with the best, for that we gained the trust of the biggest names, from manufacturers, to restaurants, and establishments, who seek the perfection in their industry.

Environmental Laboratory, lost their Founder Dr. Abdul Qader in 2010, but his legacy and vision, never been lost,   the Laboratory team became bigger to accommodate  the need from the local market, and the international market.

We received ISO 17025:2005 Accreditation from DAC (Dubai Accreditation Council) in 2014, and JAS (Jordanian Accreditation and standardization system, in 2017 .

our services are beyond food and beverage analysis, we offer you with consultation and advises to grow bigger and safer.

Let’s work together, and take you to your next step.